Standard Features

Swimming Pool Expectations in Phoenix & Tucson

At Presidential Pools, we design, build and landscape swimming pools to exceed your expectations and to fit your budget. We specialize in Arizona swimming pool installation and remodeling and have been doing so since 1991. Standard feature for every project include the following:

All permits, plans and inspections (however, some areas may require a permit surcharge – please see salesman for details)

  •  Pool Layout
  •  EZ Touch Digital Control Panel with remote
  •  Sport or Play Pool, up to 5’ in depth
  •  Standard Excavation and dirt removal, (wall removal and replacement, tight access and/or unusual soil conditions such as rock, caliche and dump fees may apply with additional cost to buyer)
  •  Schedule 40 plumbing and schedule 40 fittings
  •  15’ plumbing run (filter to skimmer)
  •  (3) 1 1⁄2” return lines to pool (included with Q360 Infloor Cleaning System if space is available)
  •  3⁄4” aerator with adjustable valve (may not be available on all decking)
  •  VGB compliant main drain system
  •  Automatic water leveler
  •  Deluxe surface skimmer with removable basket
  •  Pentair 320 Cartridge Filter System
  •  Pentair 2 speed self-priming high performance pump
  •  Concrete equipment slab
  •  3/8” steel reinforcement with bond beam bars 12” on center
  •  Up to 50’ of 1/2” electrical conduit (equipment to electric panel)
  •  Standard Pentair 400 watt pool light with 15’ run
  •  3 steps (up to 25’ in total length)
  •  10’ of benches
  •  Shotcrete structure with fiber mesh
  •  Standard selection of 6” ceramic water line tile on all Presidential Pools
  •  Complete clean-up of pool interior and exterior (construction debris only)
  •  Professional start-up and complete water balancing
  •  Orientation with Homeowners of all Pool Operations and Procedures
  •  Brush, pole, net, test kit, thermometer and all start-up chemicals

Custom Features

Add-ons include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural Looking Rock Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Spas
  • Swim-up Bars
  • Slides

What you decide to add depends upon your personality and the type of environment you would like to create for your backyard escape. The possibilities are endless…